10 Ways to Save on Your Moving Expenses

10 Ways to Save on Your Moving Expenses

Moving can be a stressful and expensive experience. Whether you’re moving across the country or just across town, the costs of getting everything you own packed up and transported to your new location can add up quickly. The following are some easy tips to help save on moving expenses and make the entire process a little less draining.

  1. Do it yourself
    The number one major moving cost lies in hiring professional movers, and if you can get around that you will save yourself quite a chunk of change. It won’t be easy, and you may have to recruit friends and borrow or rent a truck, but keeping professional movers out of the mix will keep costs at a minimum. Truck rentals can be somewhat pricey, but compared to the cost of hiring professional movers, you’ll still be saving.

  2. Keep trips to a minimum
    Eagle STS Moving advises to borrow or rent a truck that’s big enough to get all of your stuff to the new location in just one or two trips. This is particularly important if you’re moving a long distance. The gas mileage cost of several trips back and forth will far outweigh whatever savings you might have accumulated by renting a smaller truck.

  3. Get your employer involved
    If you’re moving for a job – for example, if you’ve gotten a new position in a new city or you’ve been relocated – talk to your employer about helping to cover your moving costs. Chances are you’ll have to pay taxes on whatever the employer pays into your move, but it’ll cut down on the cash required in the meantime.

  4. Write it off
    Conversely, your moving expenses are tax-deductible if you are paying your own expenses and moving for a job-related reason. Expenses that can be counted include packing and moving costs and storage for up to 30 days. Save all receipts to make your life easier when April rolls around.

  5. Be smart while using the pros
    If you are planning to hire one of the residential moving companies, try to cut down on costs wherever possible. For example, some moving companies will expect to come to your house and pack up your things and unplug your appliances. Doing these jobs yourself can cut down on the cost immensely. Make sure to let the company know exactly what you do and don’t need them to do when asking for an estimate.

  6. Use what you can find
    While doing your packing, don’t spend your money on expensive boxes from a supply store or bubble wrap. Visit local grocery stores for empty boxes, and use newspapers and bath towels to cushion expensive items. There’s no need for brand new packing materials as long as you wrap everything safely.

  7. Consider using the mail
    If you’re moving a long distance and you can’t rent or borrow a truck, consider using UPS to help get your belongings to your new location. Mailing things to your new address, depending on what they are and how much they cost to mail, can be cheaper than driving all the way back across the country to pick them up and make an extra trip.

  8. Don’t pack the junk
    You can save big bucks on moving if you go through your belongings before you begin to pack. Hold a yard sale or donate unwanted clothing and furniture to the Goodwill before you move. This will save on packing material and trips back and forth. If you hire a moving company, they’ll charge based on the amount of stuff you have, so the more you can get rid of the better off you’ll be.

  9. Choose an off-season
    Most people move between May and September. If possible, move during the off-season when everything from professional movers to rental trucks to gasoline will be at a cheaper rate. Movers tend to be eager for business during the winter months, so don’t be shy about asking for a deal.

  10. Comparison shop
    Whether you’re hiring pros or looking to rent a truck, get estimates from at least three different companies. You’ll find that rates will vary widely from company to company. Make sure you’re not just getting the lowest price, but you’re also finding the company that will work best for you, with reputable movers and good equipment. Finding the right movers or the right rental truck will save you lots of money and hassle in the long run.
Helping Seniors Move in Phoenix

Helping Seniors Move in Phoenix

It’s never easy to move your loved one out of their Phoenix AZ home and into assisted living. Your parents have likely lived in their home for many years, probably even several decades, so it stands to reason they’ll be a little reluctant to leave the sanctuary of the place they’ve called home for so long. However, safety issues invariably arise as our loved ones get older than can preclude them from living on their own any longer. That’s when you must take care of moving them from their home to an assisted living home for better socialization, stimulation, improved nutrition and exercise, according to Caring.com.The process can seem daunting at first, but when you have professional movers on your side who do this day in and day out, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

Moving the senior citizen in your life from one place to another brings with it its own set of unique challenges. First off, the furniture and belongings being moved may be heavy duty and require special care, such as reclining beds and chairs, wheelchairs, and other assistive devices. Second, retired and senior customers face a somewhat more emotionally draining experience than others because of the enormity of their situation. They realize they must move every last item out of their home, in which they’ve been comfortable for so long. They may need a little assistance moving along and transitioning to their next journey in life.

While much of the emotional and supportive burden falls on the loved ones, your moving company can also help by making the entire process stress free for all involved. That’s why we don’t just offer straight-up moving services, we also offer packing and unpacking for our seniors who don’t have the dexterity, patience or time to load up all their belongings, label them and transport them. We have all the equipment necessary to get their belongings, small and large into the truck and nestled safely into their new abode. When moving seniors from one house to another, you can rest easy knowing Phoenix AZ’s Moving staff take pride in protecting their customers’ personal and cherished belongings. Hiring a mover means you can keep your senior safe without having to risk falls, pulled muscles, back pain or other types of injury.

Phoenix AZ Moving Services can help your family with any type of move. Whether the move is residential or commercial, our professionally trained staff is here to help, so contact us today.

Phoenix is a Great Place to Move To

Phoenix is a Great Place to Move To

Looking to move to Phoenix AZ? It can be overwhelming and stressful to move, but when you know your destination is a great place to live, have fun, raise a family, go to school and get a decent wage, it lessens the stress overall. As your premier movers in the Phoenix area, including Peoria, Glendale and Surprise, Phoenix AZ Moving Services can help get you there safely with great care taken to transport your belongings.

Whether you’re planning to move to the area for business or pleasure, you’re sure to find many positive things here in the community. Phoenix is known for its wide open spaces, cultural events, community gatherings, good schools and bright economic future. Home to more than 41,000 acres of mountain parks and desert preserves, you can take the family hiking on more than 200 miles of trails, visit more than 180 pristine city parks, check out more than 30 community and recreation centers, or take an abundance of youth classes and sports programs. You can even hit the links on one of eight golf courses or cool off in nearly 30 pools when the weather gets too hot.

With an average yearly temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the weather in Phoenix and surrounding communities is pleasant and dry. In the summer months, temps can reach into the 100s, with very little rainfall throughout the seasons. As the capital and biggest city in Arizona, Phoenix has many attractions to pique your interest, from the Desert Botanical Garden and Camelback Mountain to Scottsdale Art Walk and the Apache Trail. The schools in Phoenix are top notch, from elementary to high school, and of course colleges such as Arizona State University bring in some of the brightest minds around. The economic outlook for the metro Phoenix area remains strong despite some setbacks in the market in recent years.

As your trusted movers in the area, we know this community because we live and work here too. Our team of movers is professionally trained with a genuine care for the safety of your belongings. For a free estimate visit http://phoenixazmovingservices.com.

Real Moving Tips for Real People

Real Moving Tips for Real People

Moving tips are always in use for movers, out of all people, really need all the useful advice they can get. When you’re in the middle of a major move things go pretty fast. Deadlines come even faster and you really need simple, easy ideas to get things moving. Consider the following helpful moving advice regarding packing and moving companies and hopefully you’ll be glad you took note.

Pack smart: moving tips, packing

  1. Moving tips: pack easy to carry boxes that are not “filled to the brim”. You may want to get the most out of each box by filling it completely but its likely that you’ll run into a major problem when you start loading and unloading these items. Some things like books for example are not meant to packed in large numbers (unless you have the right equipment). So reduce the stress and strain for you and your moving staff by going for a light, snug packing method. 
  2. Buy boxes made for moving. One suggestion, often noted to save money on moving, is to pick up free boxes from local businesses. The cheaper choice isn’t always the best choice. The reason being is that certain boxes are made to hold the weight of household items and others are not. The durability of the box many not always be apparent to you from simply looking at the box (unless you’re an expert!). Therefore avoid a mess of spilled items and obtain boxes or containers made specifically for moving.
  3. Label appropriately always been in moving tips. The more detailed your label is the easier unpacking will be for you. Some phone applications even allow you to produce bar code labels for your moving boxes. This allows you to quickly identify all the contents of your boxes. Another nifty idea is to also note the value of each item to even further encourage the idea of “handle with care.”
  4. Don’t try to pack liquids and flammable items. Even though it’s tempting because you want to get everything out quickly there is a reason why movers are cautioned against packaging liquids and flammable or combustible items. During the course of moving and travel many things can happen and the reality of things causing serious damage is a reality. So remember our moving tips: to prevent a possible sad ending, air on the side of caution and handle these items appropriately.

Save money by making sure your house is moving-company ready

If you are not hiring your moving company to pack your items you want to make sure that everything is absolutely put away. A big mistake many people make when rushing or simply because of inexperience in this area is not doing a thorough job of packing their belongings before the moving staff arrive. This can save a lot of frustration and misunderstandings in the long run. If the moving company’s job is to get you out of your place, and you’re not ready to go, they really don’t have much of a choice except to help you pack! So don’t be too sour if your invoice is not what you expected.

There are a lot of moving tips out there. Some helpful, and some not so much. Advice that goes a little beyond your movers common sense and can help you save money at the same time sounds like moving advice you should keep.

Safe moving and lifting techniques

Safe moving and lifting techniques

Safe moving

The pain related to lower back injuries, often associated with improper lifting, affects approximately 50%-70% of the US population.

Herniated discs and back strains are serious back injuries and can disable you from work and other activities depending on the severity of the injury. Moving is an event that calls for your body to be front in center and your back to bear the burdens.

Help yourself for Safe moving, avoid a bad ending by either obtaining the professional services offered by San Leandro movers or properly learning how to coordinate the move yourself.

Your easy to remember list

Ask for help Safe moving is important. This may be the easiest and most efficient means of reducing the chances of a pain related incident. If you can spread the weight of items out amongst others you can surely decrease the chance of overloading yourself and enduring a back injury.

Practice proper Safe lifting techniques. People may confirm that they are aware of the following process but very often neglect it at the crucial time when it needs to be implemented. If you know how you should lift an item but don’t actually put it into practice, what is the benefit? The end result is a lot of sad stories of not Safe moving.

Safe lifting techniques – when lifting an item be sure to stand with your feet about a shoulder-length apart (similar to a karate stance) and then squat at the knees not the waist, tuck in your chin and keeping your back aligned, and then lift the item slowly without turning your body. Remember to keep the object as close to you as possible to prevent back strain. And if you must turn, turn with your feet not your torso. Also try and not to lift objects above the shoulder level.

Try and maintain good posture

Additionally try and maintain good posture for safe lifting techniques. It’s not just for etiquette classes-demonstrating good posture in general and also when lifting heavy items can reduce the incidence of lower back pains. Good posture involves keeping all the components of your body in the proper position so that everything is used the way it should be. Your back muscles for example may not be able to handle as much weight as your strong leg muscles. Positions such as slumping or bending over to pick up items rather than squatting can cause serious problems in the long run. Proper posture also prevents fatigue which is a definite bonus during a busy move.

Use tools and work smarter not harder for Safe moving. Plenty of inventions have been around for quite some time to aid us in our manual labor tasks. Dollies, pulleys, and moving pads are all helpful in allowing you to move items safely.

Don’t forget your trusty sneakers. Dress can easily be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everything. Make sure that you wear footwear that provides proper gripping and preferably gloves as well to give you a firm sturdy grip.

Yet overall professional movers will most likely be your best bet when you want a smooth, efficient move. No back injury concerns, or dollies to bother with. Maybe just a little mental strain but physically, stress-free Safe moving.