Real Moving Tips for Real People

Real Moving Tips for Real People

Moving tips are always in use for movers, out of all people, really need all the useful advice they can get. When you’re in the middle of a major move things go pretty fast. Deadlines come even faster and you really need simple, easy ideas to get things moving. Consider the following helpful moving advice regarding packing and moving companies and hopefully you’ll be glad you took note.

Pack smart: moving tips, packing

  1. Moving tips: pack easy to carry boxes that are not “filled to the brim”. You may want to get the most out of each box by filling it completely but its likely that you’ll run into a major problem when you start loading and unloading these items. Some things like books for example are not meant to packed in large numbers (unless you have the right equipment). So reduce the stress and strain for you and your moving staff by going for a light, snug packing method. 
  2. Buy boxes made for moving. One suggestion, often noted to save money on moving, is to pick up free boxes from local businesses. The cheaper choice isn’t always the best choice. The reason being is that certain boxes are made to hold the weight of household items and others are not. The durability of the box many not always be apparent to you from simply looking at the box (unless you’re an expert!). Therefore avoid a mess of spilled items and obtain boxes or containers made specifically for moving.
  3. Label appropriately always been in moving tips. The more detailed your label is the easier unpacking will be for you. Some phone applications even allow you to produce bar code labels for your moving boxes. This allows you to quickly identify all the contents of your boxes. Another nifty idea is to also note the value of each item to even further encourage the idea of “handle with care.”
  4. Don’t try to pack liquids and flammable items. Even though it’s tempting because you want to get everything out quickly there is a reason why movers are cautioned against packaging liquids and flammable or combustible items. During the course of moving and travel many things can happen and the reality of things causing serious damage is a reality. So remember our moving tips: to prevent a possible sad ending, air on the side of caution and handle these items appropriately.

Save money by making sure your house is moving-company ready

If you are not hiring your moving company to pack your items you want to make sure that everything is absolutely put away. A big mistake many people make when rushing or simply because of inexperience in this area is not doing a thorough job of packing their belongings before the moving staff arrive. This can save a lot of frustration and misunderstandings in the long run. If the moving company’s job is to get you out of your place, and you’re not ready to go, they really don’t have much of a choice except to help you pack! So don’t be too sour if your invoice is not what you expected.

There are a lot of moving tips out there. Some helpful, and some not so much. Advice that goes a little beyond your movers common sense and can help you save money at the same time sounds like moving advice you should keep.

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