Safe moving and lifting techniques

Safe moving and lifting techniques

Safe moving

The pain related to lower back injuries, often associated with improper lifting, affects approximately 50%-70% of the US population.

Herniated discs and back strains are serious back injuries and can disable you from work and other activities depending on the severity of the injury. Moving is an event that calls for your body to be front in center and your back to bear the burdens.

Help yourself for Safe moving, avoid a bad ending by either obtaining the professional services offered by San Leandro movers or properly learning how to coordinate the move yourself.

Your easy to remember list

Ask for help Safe moving is important. This may be the easiest and most efficient means of reducing the chances of a pain related incident. If you can spread the weight of items out amongst others you can surely decrease the chance of overloading yourself and enduring a back injury.

Practice proper Safe lifting techniques. People may confirm that they are aware of the following process but very often neglect it at the crucial time when it needs to be implemented. If you know how you should lift an item but don’t actually put it into practice, what is the benefit? The end result is a lot of sad stories of not Safe moving.

Safe lifting techniques – when lifting an item be sure to stand with your feet about a shoulder-length apart (similar to a karate stance) and then squat at the knees not the waist, tuck in your chin and keeping your back aligned, and then lift the item slowly without turning your body. Remember to keep the object as close to you as possible to prevent back strain. And if you must turn, turn with your feet not your torso. Also try and not to lift objects above the shoulder level.

Try and maintain good posture

Additionally try and maintain good posture for safe lifting techniques. It’s not just for etiquette classes-demonstrating good posture in general and also when lifting heavy items can reduce the incidence of lower back pains. Good posture involves keeping all the components of your body in the proper position so that everything is used the way it should be. Your back muscles for example may not be able to handle as much weight as your strong leg muscles. Positions such as slumping or bending over to pick up items rather than squatting can cause serious problems in the long run. Proper posture also prevents fatigue which is a definite bonus during a busy move.

Use tools and work smarter not harder for Safe moving. Plenty of inventions have been around for quite some time to aid us in our manual labor tasks. Dollies, pulleys, and moving pads are all helpful in allowing you to move items safely.

Don’t forget your trusty sneakers. Dress can easily be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everything. Make sure that you wear footwear that provides proper gripping and preferably gloves as well to give you a firm sturdy grip.

Yet overall professional movers will most likely be your best bet when you want a smooth, efficient move. No back injury concerns, or dollies to bother with. Maybe just a little mental strain but physically, stress-free Safe moving.

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